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Naked Comedy Show - Dick Report

The third time's a charm. I really had high hopes for tonight's entertainers and they did not disappoint.

The air conditioning was fixed tonight. Thank goodness.

I never get tired of seeing Billy. Be sure to check out his OF. I love seeing him get more in shape every month. He started this set with a penis pump and we got to see him at full length.

Up first was David. He's a gay older British gentleman, so my expectation wasn't to be turned on by his package. David is tall, not hairy at all. Small cut dick and a shaved bush. Very big balls for such a small penis.

​Next, we have Juan. I was really excited to see this beautiful Latin adonis. Juan hails from Uraguay and actually discloses that he used to do nude modeling. You can definitely tell that this man lives in the gym. Hairy pecs, Sixpack, Not a huge bush, but a bush nonetheless. At first glance, he looked uncut, but he's def cut. Second biggest dick of the night. His 4-inch dick covered his balls and swung as he talked.

I was also looking forward to Marty. ​Marty has a thick, cut penis. His body was hairy all over. Pit hear chest hair. His 2-inch flaccid dick was fat, with a nice bush. His bush didn't hide his dick like others in his situation. His dick head was a perfectly shaped round mushroom. A very hot dad bod indeed.

After watching videos online, Kenny was who I was most excited to see. Kenny had a swimmer's body. Kenny was shaved. No chest hair. No bush. He had the biggest dick of the night. Clearly 4 inches of flaccid cut dick. I was so surprised.

I've reviewed Michael before. This 26-year-old is so charming. Lightly hairy 3-inch flaccid dick. He was cut. Tight balls. Not gonna lie I wanted to sniff his ass.

I tried my best to memorize as much about the performers' bodies as possible. It is really hard to take notes during a comedy show, especially one in this venue without looking suspicious. I hope I did a good job giving you a visualization. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need clarification.

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Aug 19, 2023

Another Awesome post!!!!

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