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Naked Comedy Show - Dick Report

T'was my second show so I knew what to expect. I was worried tonight's lineup wouldn't be as hot but I was wrong.

It was a hot one tonight in Brooklyn. The air conditioning was out but we had a good time.

​There were a couple of repeats. Billy is the host so instead of re-commenting on his body I'll say this: Billy is definitely losing weight. He still has that stocky stature dad bod that gets me hard.

Up first was Gus. He was a burst of energy. A short king at only 5 feet Two inches. He was so so hairy. I loved the way his short 4-inch uncut dick sat burning in his pubes.

​Next, we have Jad. Now I’m partial to middle eastern men, so I may be a little biased about how sexy he was. He made a lot of incest jokes which had the crowd groaning but aroused me. He had a cut penis and tight balls. I wanted to sniff his penis head. His chest hair was so sexy. Thin athletic build.

​Brandon has a huge penis, and you can tell he was comfortable being naked in front of everyone. An extra skinny man with a Big black cock (cut) for sure. He had a wart/pimple on the side which distracted me But he definitely had the biggest dick of the night. I kept wondering what it would look like erect if it was that big flaccid.

​Misha had the hottest body of the night. He definitely works out. I was laughing so hard that I almost forgot to focus on his naked body. A nice cut dick no chest hair. I was obsessed with his pubes. I love the way his bush framed this dick and balls. He had an average-sized penis. Most of the comics tonight had unremarkable dicks. But watching Misha, I would have loved to throw my face in his crotch and inhale.

​Nat reminded me of a Danny Tanner type. He was super tall. I had to tilt my head up and down to take him all in. Very nice slender body. Manscaped bush. Another unremarkable cut dick. 4 incher.

Gabe had that old man body where U can tell he’s been through a lot physically. I focused on his dick because he was the only other uncut performer. He wasn't huge, a very nice 4-inch flaccid dick. One of his balls hung heavier than the other. His body reminded me of the frog mascot from the WB.

​Last up was a returner Drex. Funny as ever, and his body still the same as his last set. You can see my first impression in my last post. Would've had the biggest dick if it wasn't for Brandon's massive shlong.

I tried my best to memorize as much about the performers' bodies as possible. It is really hard to take notes during a comedy show, especially one in this venue without looking suspicious. I hope I did a good job giving you a visualization. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need clarification.

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1 Comment

Aug 06, 2023

Thanks!!! I’m not able to go but it feels like I was there. sounds like some nice cocks, I only wish they could get hard

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