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Naked Comedy Show - Dick Report

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

I finally got to perv out at a Naked Comedy Show. No phones weren't allowed, and maybe I'll go naked in future iterations. But I wanted to write about all the penises I saw while they were still fresh in my mind.

I attended both shows and I'm going to review the comics on their nudity and how funny they were.

I absolutely love Billy's body. My dick was leaking and I was fixated on his cut dick and his big balls. No bush, but I didn't care, I enjoyed his visual. He had a dad-bod, but def wasn't too far from being in shape. He had me in stitches and I'm def a fan for life.

I couldn't tell how old he was and he def a skinny man, but the amount of hair on this Afro-Latino comic had me feral. Yall know, I'm a sucker for bush. I wanted to suck his cut dick and sniff his ass. Very funny, and made an impression.

​The carpet matched the drapes on this guy. Definitely the smallest dick of the night, and his fiery red bush didn't do his size any favors. He was cut. His confidence was sexy to me, especially with just this nub on display.

James was def not much to look at, but his dick was thick and girthy and uncut. Fattest cock of the night by far, almost beer can fat. His et was decent. I was too trained on his dick to hear anything he said tho. I'm taking points off for a shaved bush tho.

This headliner was worth every penny. Prettiest penis of the night! He needs to add BBC to his IG bio. Shaved bush and a 7-inch cut snake. His body was nice too. Just shy of being in shape. He deserved to headline. Best dick of the night.

He had the most Rizz of the night. I couldn't stop laughing. This 26-year-old had a nice thick cut dick and a sexy unathletic body. Masnscaped bush. His dick sat perfectly on his balls. You could tell he looks sexy when he's fully erect. His online pics don't do him justice. He's a looker in person.

This guys set and dick disappointed me. Shaved bush. Uncut dick. Unimpressive 5 inches., Definitely the smallest of the black men there. I would have preferred to watch him jrk off rather than tell jokes.

Some audience members were naked, and I loved seeing grown men show off their bodies. I would describe them to you but my words wouldn't do them justice. These were my first impressions. If you want to discuss further my DM's are open. I definitely will be going back.

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Jul 22, 2023

Love it!!!!! Can't wait for your next post!


Just curious, did any of them refer to their circumcision status?

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