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Naked Comedy Show - Dick Report 12-01-23

I took a break from writing these. But I felt like this lineup needed a post. I’ve gone to enough of these shows to know that a lot of the comics repeat. I keep going back because I crave full-frontal nudity. I study these men's bodies and objectify them.

This review is going to be a little bit different from previous posts, as most of the comics I’ve reviewed before. As always feel free to reach out if you have questions and want more of a description.

Total Disclaimer: none of the photos on this post were taken by me. There are no phones or cameras allowed. The venue is very strict about respecting the privacy of the comedians and the audience.

​I never get tired of seeing Billy on stage. He’s been working out but he keeps a beautiful dad-bod on him. His fat dick doesn’t get erect. But I think he’s semi-aroused having all those eyes on him.

I love when he puts his leg up and lunges a little. You really get to see the makeup of his anatomy. His tight big balls and that beautiful 3-inch cut dick.

​Tony really surprised me. He’s so cute and his mustache really does it for me. I was pleasantly surprised to see his uncut dick and how it hung over his tight balls. I was disappointed at no bush. But I’m definitely interested in seeing that chubby 4 inch dick get hard.

Nat is definitely what you picture when you hear skinny 40 year old Jewish comic. Interesting enough he’s Italian. He’s very skinny but I loved watching his low hanging big balls and his 3 inch cut penis.

​I feel bad for dismissing Herbie just based on his social media. He got on stage and I was immediately aroused by his dad-bod. He started talking about not having a big black cock. I wanted to interrupt him and say, “uh, yeah you do!”

This man had a beautiful chest. Big pecs that I wanted to suck. You could see he had a six-pack at some point. So hot. He had low-hanging balls which is impressive that they hung past his cut thick 5-inch dick. Definitely the biggest dick of the night.

I wish I could live inside Beecher’s mind. You can tell he he’s constantly thinking dirty thoughts. My favorite thing about this man is how hairy he is. Large mane of hair thick bush and even a hairy ass that he showed off. He’s very tall, and very handsome. And that bush is definitely a double edge sword, as it definitely hides any length. 2, at most 2.5 inches and cut.

Juan is what dreams are made of. He casually says that he used to be a nude model, and If he didn’t have such a funny mind he could definitely go back to that. This man is a Latin Adonis. Beautiful 6-pack abs and strong arms. I’m aroused just reminiscing. Manscaped bush. And a dick that hid his tight balls. He’s a close second dick length to Herbie(4-5 inches.). He has one of those dicks that you can’t tell whether he’s cut or uncut. As he clearly has skin bunched up under the head but it doesn’t cover the head of his penis. I love watching it flop around.

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